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5 Most Expensive Women Shoe Brands in the World


At whatever point a rich lady escapes her top of the line auto, our eyes consequently get dragged to her shoes. It’s a conspicuous motion, as we are on the whole mindful how much rich women spend on world’s most extravagance’s shoes and still they’re never finished with it.

In the event that you watch US and Canada’s unscripted television appears, say The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsthen you would get the chance to see their storage rooms (greater than many individuals’ rooms) brimming with world’s most costly shoes.

1 Louis Vuitton Value go – $870-$10,000

The most extravagance mark on the planet, Louis Vuitton overwhelms the universe of packs, as well as the universe of shoes too. They are respected by design enthusiasts especially for their Famous for shoes, totes, and baggage Louis Vuitton is a commonly recognized name in the families of the world class. Around 160 years of age, this brand is as yet considered as the Most Valuable Luxury Brand till date. The most costly Louis Vuitton shoes to ever offer were, in actuality men’s shoes. Manhattan Richelieu Men’s Shoes, discharged in 2010, are the most costly shoes on earth at $10,000.

2 Manolo Blahnik Value run – $945 Onward

In 1970, Blahnik had an opportunity to meet Diana Vreeland, the supervisor in-head of U.S Vogue, while he was going in New York. He demonstrated his arrangement of styles and set plan to Vreeland, and afterward she looked at him straight without flinching and stated, “Young fellow, get things done, do adornments, do shoes.” And this is the way the colossal shoe planner was conceived.

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At the point when the standard shoe styling was as yet overwhelmed by clumpy stages in the 1970s, he resuscitated the smooth stiletto heel, which has since turned into a work of art. Shockingly, this incredible shoe creator abhors wedges and has faith in the energy of foot rear areas and the sex claim they pass on.

In 70’s, when stage shoes and boots were extremely popular, and few were wearing foot sole areas, he resuscitated the furor for high-design stilettos. He generally keeps each one of his plans: 25,000 shoes are masterminded in date arrange in framed pantries that top off two connecting houses in a Georgian porch in Bath. Also, now, despite everything he continues outlining.

One of the significant reasons why this brand is so costly is a direct result of the material they use in their shoes. A portion of the brand’s most costly shoes are produced using croc’s skin and are called Blixa crocodile. These shoes can be obtained at Barneys New York for $4,600.

3 Jimmy Choo Value run – $400 Onward

Indeed, Jimmy Choo are ostensibly the most looked for after and lovable shoes on the planet. On the off chance that you have seen the motion picture, In Her Shoes, you would see a wardrobe brimming with Jimmy Choo. For shoe darlings, this brand is their help and even an accumulation of hundred sets looks bad without Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo mark shoes are a most loved of Hollywood’s world class, and as often as possible are the shoes of decision for strolling down the Red Carpet in style.

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Most Jimmy Choos run in cost from the upper hundreds, to two or three thousand. The most costly of Jimmy Choos “notable” 2011 accumulation sold for $3,785. Having been in the market since the 1980s, this is one of the footwear marks that has picked up an immense faction following.

4 Christian Louboutin Value extend – $300 – $3,095

Christian Louboutin is a standout amongst the most loved brands among shoe sweethearts alongside Jimmy Choo. Known for their mark red foot rear areas and transcending heels; these shoes are among the most looked for after on the planet. The interest for red soles developed so high that the brand needed to commit a whole division to discovering knockoffs. The most costly of Christian Louboutin’s 2013 accumulation was Sexy Strass which you can even now buy at Barneys New York for $3,095.

5 Walter Steiger Value Go – $500 Onward

Conceived in Geneva, Switzerland, Walter Steiger is for the most part mainstream for his remarkable and imaginative outlines. He opened his first boutique in Paris mourn de Tournon in 1974 and from that point forward keep on being considered among the extravagance shoe marks on the planet. The brand’s shoes can never go unnoticed. Despite the fact that they are not misrepresented as McQueen’s, but rather their special curve formed twist foot rear areas can in a flash distinguish the brand. The awe-inspiring foot rear areas are Walter’s strength, a shape which is generally hard to nail in a shoe.

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