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Jeans fitting guide for men


1- Thin Fit

Go for thin Jeans fitting, not thin. Anything thin and you’re in leggings district. Thin fit jeans grasp the thighs, knees, and calves, and release up around your lower legs – and look new, sharp, and spotless.

2- Loose Fit

Most appropriate for men searching for a laid-back cut. On the off chance that your hips are littler, or you have a gut, even huge thighs – pick this fit.

3- Exemplary fit

Exemplary fits are awesome for ordinary utilize. Be that as it may, a free-fit underneath the knee can achieve some flare. Continuously attempt the denim, check the flare and afterward pay up.

4- Straight-leg fit

Men who are tall and have huge hips should make this a go-to piece. Basic reason being, an amplified fix will impeccably adjust the length of your body.


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