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Top 10 Celebrities with Greater Instagram Following


The celebrities with the greatest Instagram followings say a considerable measure in regards to the year in popular culture up until now—whose feeds we’re parched to scroll however for unending glitz shots and what influences us to hit that “like” catch. Beneath, discover which stars have the most mainstream records of the year—from the individuals who are as yet holding down the best spots to the individuals who are new to the rundown this year.

1-Selena Gomez: 131 million followers.

2-Cristiano Ronaldo: 117 million followers.

3-Ariana Grande: 116 million followers.

4-Beyoncé: 109 million followers.

5-Taylor Swift: 105 million followers.

6-Kim Kardashian: 105 million followers.

7-Kylie Jenner: 100 million followers.

8-Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: 97.1 million followers.

9-Justin Bieber: 94.7 million followers.

10-Kendall Jenner: 85.4 million followers.

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