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Traditional is The New Trend


Modernism apart, make yourself look ravishing in Pakistani culture outfits.”

No matter how many ages have been passed, traditions of Pakistani dresses are still same. Although our traditions have gone through various changes and may vary furthermore according to the current trends. But these innovations only add a little spice to them. The changes occur time to time in order to give the original one a new flavor.

Traditional-is-The-New-TrendPakistan’s culture is worldwide. Our each province has its own traditional clothing. As you move from one province to another you’ll get to see the beauty they are having since ages. The addition to their beauty is their regional clothing.

Today there is a lot of variety in Pakistani dresses that people are now use to be much obsessed with them. They love to wear them on different occasions as they have become such novelty due to their different and unique designing.

People or if we talk specifically about women of Pakistan, as they are quite possessive about their clothing as compare to opposite gender, now are showing much possession towards regional clothing on occasions and functions where they can wear their traditional ones and slay in trending one at the same time.

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Let’s have a look on appearances of people belonging to different provinces of country.

Traditional Trend in Sindh


Pakistani dresses show different colors when you talk about the people of Sindh. Although the people of Sindh haven’t preserved their traditional clothing but still we get to see AJRAK and SINDHI TOPI in rural as well as urban areas of Sindh. However Ajrak is highly trending in urban areas of Sindh. Moreover the famous needle art of Sindh is also loved by people of urban areas where there is lack of people who are associated with this art.

There are many other kind of embroideries which set an amazing example of art in Sindh.

Traditional Trend in Balochistan

People love them even now when they have variety of different designs, handwork still consider as a masterpiece.
Balochistan the biggest province of country have maintained their traditional clothing up till now. Comparing to Sindhi they are much concerned about their traditions and culture.

Balochi dresses haven’t gone through much innovations and changes. If we look in the history we’ll not find a lot of differences in Balochi dresses of today and earlier times. Balochi dress code is also followed in many occasions as a theme or to appreciate Balochi culture many of urban areas.

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Whereas Balochis do appreciate their traditional clothing so much that they find any other dress as inappropriate.

Traditional Trend in Punjab


Let’s move towards the most colorful side of Pakistan. Punjab has evolved the most as compared to the other regions of Pakistan. Punjabis are considered to be the liveliest nation, their happenings and events are full of colors, so their dresses are.

Panjabi outfits Includes ‘Lacha’ that is a lower part of dress without any partition of legs. Also Paranda a kind of accessories women tie in their braid. But today we don’t see them in routine getup, meanwhile in occasions the tradition is highly followed.

Traditional Trend in KPK


The traditional clothing of Khayber Pakhtoon Khwuan (KPK) sets another example of beauty of the culture of Pakistan.

The Pashtoon women wear long dresses and light piece of clothes to cover their hair, and they also use to wear handmade jewelry and accessories.

The traditional Pakhtoon jewelry includes beautiful head pieces and necklaces, which now people of rural areas wear on traditional dresses.

The other side men wear waist coats which is sleeveless Jackets buttoned in the middle this dress code is also trending in different areas of Pakistan.

The people live in big cities and the overseas Pakistanis are fond of these cultural dresses of Pakistan
That’s the beauty of Pakistani culture that each of our provinces has its own tradition which is beautiful in its own way.

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