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Weinstein outrage signals end for ‘dinosaur’ men, says Zeta-Jones


Harvey Weinstein’s fall ought to be the finish of “dinosaur” men going after ladies, Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones said Tuesday as she debuted a film about a lady who had a ruthlessly productive method for managing hawkishness.


The Oscar-winning performer said she trusted Weinstein’s disfavor would be the “tipping point, or finally a defining moment” in the treatment of ladies not simply in Hollywood but rather in “any industry, organization, school or school.”

“How about we trust that enormous old dinosaur of men supposing they can escape with that kind of conduct is wiped out starting at now,” she told journalists.

The British-conceived star, who plays the infamous Colombian medication noble Griselda Blanco in another TV movie, “Cocaine Godmother”, kidded that her character had a fairly coordinate method for managing male sexism: “Shoot them in the head.”

Zeta-Jones said that while that would not be her approach, as a lady “you need to give her that, as regardless we battle for correspondence in the working environment.”

“Griselda had no saving graces however the one thing she had was the capacity to face men in a male world,” she said as the film screened at MIPCOM, the best TV industry gathering, in Cannes on the French Riviera.

Sexism isn’t “only an issue in the film, showy or TV industry,” Zeta-Jones, 48, included. “It is overflowing all over the place. As ladies we get thumped down as being eager. Men don’t get that. We ought to be glad for being driven, we shouldn’t conceal it.”

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She said she trusted lessons were being gained from the Weinstein undertaking, “else we genuinely are stuck in a world that is exceptionally tragic and extremely dangerous.”

Notwithstanding the perils from predators, she exhorted youthful performing artists “not to lose your helplessness — it is fundamental to your specialty. Defenselessness is a wonderful character characteristic and we ought to have it and be permitted to have it. Yet, it’s vital that we know it’s secured.”

Prior Willow Grylls, maker of the TV arrangement “The Missing”, said focusing on one man and one industry “overlooked what’s really important”.

“It is substantially more extensive than that. It’s about mishandle of energy,” she said.

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